Humanize Policy



Generator Collective aims to be a community for Americans to share their stories on how they have been impacted by political policy - both positive and negative. We want to humanize policy through storytelling by helping organize the noise of these policies into digestible, human stories, and overall lower the political barrier of entry. 

The Generator was created by three women who want to help reduce the political divide and start human conversations around how policy impacts real people.



Glennis Meagher


I was born in Schenectady, New York and grew up in neighboring Niskayuna. I was privileged with supportive and loving parents who could afford an upper-middle-class lifestyle. I started working at 15 as a lifeguard at the local Jewish Community Center and continued to work through my time at the University of Vermont where I studied History, Theatre, and Holocaust Studies. I began my professional career working in Washington, DC as a political fundraiser, the Assistant to the Chief of Staff of a ranking Democratic Senator and lastly, as the Deputy National Finance Director at Priorities USA Action during the 2012 Presidential Cycle. Now I work on social impact initiatives, helping people at work give back to their local communities. I believe Generator can provide a platform for all Americans to vocalize their stories to bring a human element to policy. Our voices matter.



Ruby Anaya


I was born in Santa Cruz, California to Mexican Immigrant parents. We didn’t have much growing up, and my parents divorced when I was 7 making it extra hard on them and my three brothers. As soon as I could get a job at 15 years old I began working for a local candy shop. I continued to work for small locally owned businesses throughout high school and college, wanting to contribute back to my local community. I received a Regent Scholarship to the University of California, Santa Cruz where I earned a B.S. in Biology. I pursued a career in tech working in project management, UX, and product roles at a few startups, two of which ended in acquisitions. As a product manager, I’m passionate about building products that people love to use, that foster community and overall make a difference in the world. I believe The Generator Collective can unite the amazing people in our country and help all sides of the political spectrum understand how policy impacts American lives every day.



Ilana Glazer


I grew up in St. James, Long Island, a small, conservative Italian and Irish town 90 minutes east of Manhattan. My great-grandparents immigrated to Brooklyn and the Bronx from Russia in the 1890s, strong Fiddler On The Roof vibes. My parents grew up in Queens and Long Island and have been married 36 years, and I have one older brother. My dad worked for his family’s hardware business, and when that tanked, he got into insurance per his father-in-law’s guidance. Family business stuff. My mom worked part-time as a telemarketer. I waitressed from ages 14-18 at my town’s train station-side restaurant, where I studied the political hierarchy of St. James. I went on to study Psychology and Child Psychology at NYU while pursuing my comedy career.

I am a comedian, and my biggest thing is Broad City, a half-hour sitcom on Comedy Central. I believe that when it comes to expression, vulnerability is strength. In my work, I aim to express my truth and influence others to do the same. With this project, The Generator, I aim to contribute to a safe forum for political conversation and swing the pendulum of divisive political conversation toward respectful integration of different political beliefs. Content contributors for The Generator Collective, aka Generators, will embody the vulnerability of posting content from one’s private space and the transparency that comes from showing your face.