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Do you have a story about how you, your family or friends have been impacted by policy?



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Name, age, background (like where you work or go to school)

Hi I’m Ruby, I’m 32 and a first generation American. I work in tech.


Where you are from, and where are you right now?

I’m from Santa Cruz California, currently living in New York City.


What are you into? What do
you love?

I love animals! I have had cats and dogs my whole life. I volunteer at my local animal shelter.


What’s the issue, and how does it impact you?

This is personal to you - even if it doesn’t personally impact you, talk about how it makes you feel (worried? excited?). Let’s start talking about the issues!

These are meant to be real stories - don’t worry about production value, just try to keep your video to 90 seconds or less, make sure you have decent lighting (so we can see your face!), and just be your true self. 


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1. Record your story! Try to keep it to under 90 seconds but longer is ok too.

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